Leading By Example

Long held perceptions of the Bhutanese construction industry being incompetent, wasteful and dependent on foreign labour is shifting. Today, roads, bridges and other infrastructure are being planned, designed and built by Bhutanese. Bhutanese are erecting transmission systems and excavating hydropower tunnels, which for decades have been the domain of construction companies from outside.
Spearheading this change is the Construction Development Corporation Limited, a DHI company, which is delivering on projects, venturing into new areas and building national competency.

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What We Did?

Bailey Bridges
Permanent Bridges
Hydro Projects
Transmission Lines
Township Development

Since our establishment we have been working towards leading the Bhutanese construction industry in setting construction standards in Bhutan. We believe that one of the ways to efficiently do so is to bring together construction practitioners and academics in a single forum to share ideas, knowledge, experiences and expertise. We have therefore, initiated the process by launching the “National Seminar on Construction Industry – Inspiring through Practice” which we hope to nurture it to be a CoE.